Paula L. Bennett
Paula L. Bennett
National Professionals Technology Officer

Paula L. Bennett joined NSBE while studying Computer Science at Columbia University. After getting her bachelors degree, she joined the NSBE DC Professionals. In the society, she has served on various positions in the Communications Zone and feels passionate about the potential for the society to tell its story on a grander scale. In her current position as Technology Officer on the Professionals Executive Board, her vision is to create a unified online presence for the organization that is user friendly, functionally sound, and fulfills the business needs of NSBE Professionals and the organization as a whole. Ms. Bennett believes this is only possible through collaboration and plans to achieve this vision by working with the NEB and WHQ staff.

For work, Ms. Bennett works as a full stack developer on a defense contract. In her free time, you can find her on a sand, grass, or indoor volleyball court overcoming her height deficiency.