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National Society of Black Engineers
World Headquarters
205 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: 703. 549.2207
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NSBE World Headquarters Staff Teams 

Although Headquarters has a management structure, we function in teams. Listed below are the home teams for each staff member. All teams have a National Executive Board member for their functional areas.

Executive Team - Responsibilities include overall management of NSBE World Headquarters.

Team Lead: Karl Reid
Team Member: Roena Cox

Administrative Team - Responsibilities include general management of the World Headquarters, including human resources, staff training and development, operational policies and procedures, office equipment, building maintenance, and general day-to-day activities of the staff.

Team Lead: Richard L. Clemmons, Jr
Team Member: Melinda Ducksworth, Eboni Bowman, Ebony Jackson

Accounting, Finance and Process Management Team - Responsibilities include budgeting, accounts payables and receivables, credit card management, check reimbursement and disbursements, collections, refunds, receipt management, taxes, tax-exempt status, audit, registration and membership fees, mortgage, and financial and liability contracts. Finance and Development responsibilities include identifying potential opportunities for grant funding through corporate, foundation and government entities; obtaining in-kind support, and evaluating projects for competitive advantage and fundraising feasibility.

Team Lead: Stanton Hill
Team Members: Erika Maseko, Felicia Carter, Teanesha Washington, Eden Assefa, Rica Muhammad

Membership and Registration Team - Responsibilities include developing and implementing strategies as they relate to database management, membership benefits, recruitment, retention, membership marketing, and chapter renewal/creation. This team is also responsible for national convention registration.

Team Lead: Teiko Akufo
Team Member: Cecelia Pitt, Tamra Greer, Franco Holmes

Marketing and Communications Team - Responsibilities include media relations, internal and external communications, publishing NSBE Magazine and the NSBE Bridge magazines. This team is also responsible for content management of the NSBE website and national public relations efforts.

Team Lead: Charles Thompson III
Team Member: Yvette Watson

Programs Team - Responsibilities include planning and implementing programs as defined by the National Executive Board, including Academic Excellence, PCI, Technical Excellence, T.O.R.C.H., Chapter Development and Leadership; Scholarships and Competitions; Awards and Recognition; Torchbearers; Strategic Partnerships.

Team Lead:  Christopher Carr
Team Members: Brittany Boyd, Ralanda Nelson, David Varnado, Donyel Stewart, Raynashia Goodine, Mercadi Crawford, Sherina Council, Thomas Harris, Ashley (Osato) Uzamere, Raquel Gordon

Resource Development Team - Responsibilities include fostering relationships with Board of Corporate Affiliates (BCA) companies; building corporate relationships with other companies and securing in-kind support and sponsorship for NSBE.

Team Lead: Charles Thompson III
Team Members: Angela Jackson, Portia Jones, Jessica Sussen, Felicia Britton, Eddie Scott

Meeting Planning Team - Responsibilities include all activities related to all meeting services and convention planning for NSBE, such as contractual and logistical planning, programming and execution.

Team Lead: Erika Maseko
Team Member: Al Rutherford, Roena Cox