Eric Addison, Editorial Consultant

Eric Addison is a writer and editor with 32 years of experience in print journalism. Eric earned an Advanced College Preparatory diploma from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: a science, technology, engineering and math high school in his hometown of Baltimore, Md.  From there, he went to Yale University as a National Achievement Scholar and earned a Bachelor of Art degree in psychology.  After taking additional college courses and pursuing his dream of creative writing on the West Coast, Eric returned to Baltimore and took a part-time job as a reporter and copy editor for a weekly newspaper, African-American News & World Report.  At AANWR, he received his basic training in journalism from a demanding group of editors and found his niche in the field.  For the past 13 years, he has worked as an editor, managing editor and writer for award-winning trade and organization magazines. He has had numerous freelance articles published in local and national magazines and newspapers.