Erika Maseko, Project Manager

Erika Maseko joined NSBE as the Project Coordinator in 2008.  She manages, coordinates, and helps produce all of the major sessions for NSBE’s Annual Convention including Opening Session, General Sessions, and the Golden Torch Awards at the NSBE Annual Convention.  Erika also serves as the NSBE World Headquarters and Convention Planning Committee liaison in planning the Annual Convention.  She has a 14 year history with NSBE as a member and the founder of the Hope College NSBE Collegiate Chapter.

Erika holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Hope College.  She also earned a minor in Dance.  Erika has experience in media as an Associate Producer at WDBJ7.

Since joining NSBE Erika was awarded the 2009 Convention Co-MVP for her outstanding work during the year and at the Annual Convention in Las Vegas.  She also worked along with the executive director in the creation and design of the new Golden Torch Award.  Erika has works with the Convention Planning Committee in bringing speakers and artists to the Annual Convention such as Mr. Fonzworth Bentley, Steve Perry, LL Cool J, Laman Rucker, and Roland Martin.