Tech Talks

Graduate Student Conference (GSC) Technical Talks


Interested in presenting on HOT Topic research done in various STEM areas? If so the Tech Talks are for you. Graduate students from across the globe will come together to discuss research currently being done in one of the following six (6) areas: Engineering Education, Sustainability & Environmental Research, Cyber Technology, Information Technology, Nano Engineering and Engineering Our Future.

Tech Talk Tracks will be about the following topics:

Engineering Education

This is a topic that will showcase potential ideas of how to improve STEM education across the continuum (i.e. K-12 education, post-secondary, and industry)

Safety, Sustainability & Environmental Protection

This topic will cover issues including, but not limited to: biofuels, sustainability efforts, and resource management

Information Technology

This broad topic will focus on the acquisition, processing, storage, management, dissemination, etc. of technology as it’s used across all fields and disciplines.

Nano Engineering

This topic will discuss nanotechnology and how it can impact the way we design new technologies.

Engineering Our Future

This is a broad topic will cover issues including, but not limited to: engineering health care policy solutions, biomedical technologies, and designing solutions in different technical fields that will greatly impact out future.


Learn the latest practices, technologies, solutions, and regulations affecting your field of expertise and/or interest. You can network with and learn from various professionals from across the USA and around the globe. Members interested in attending grad school or furthering their graduate studies can build their own educational research interests from the technical talks presented.

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