Why Visit Pittsburgh?

Why visit Pittsburgh, PA?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of the 2012 Annual Convention, is famous for many things including sports and rivers, but did you also know Pittsburgh is the birthplace of Pop Culture? Pittsburgh is home to things such as the first commercial radio and public television stations. Inventions of the Big Mac, Ferris Wheel, and the Terrible Towel are all possible because of the great city of Pittsburgh! The King of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, had a museum celebrating him in this city. Well known television icon, Mister Rogers, built his famous neighborhood in this city.

Some other interesting facts about the POP city is that it is historically known for its steel industry, but today its economy is widely based on healthcare, education, technology, robotics, and financial services. The downturn of the steel industry left no steel mills within the city of Pittsburgh, but that did not stop Pittsburgh from now supporting 1,600 technology companies varying from a Google campus to small startups. Pittsburgh is no quitter in that the city has redeveloped abandoned industrial sites with new housing, shopping, and offices.

More reasons to come and experience Pittsburgh…

  1. Pittsburgh is home to the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Westmoreland Museum of American Art and great performances from PNC Pittsburgh Symphony Pops
  2. Pittsburgh’s downtown is compact, safe, pedestrian friendly, very action packed, and home to 100 restaurants, 6 live theaters, and a multitude of night-life action. It is just minutes away from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, a high tech and spacious green building with amazing architecture, home to the 2012 NSBE Annual Convention.
Want to learn more about POP City? Take a look at www.visitpittsburgh.com.

Pittsburgh is a destination for all ages who quickly discover what locals already know — Pittsburgh is fun, affordable and packed with entertainment. Enjoy a host of attractions that educate and entertain in the city named one of the top five cities to visit in the Northeast byreaders of FamilyFun Magazine. The magazine also ranked Carnegie Science Center among the Top Five Museums in the Nation.

Shiver in the shadow of the giant T. rex at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History,home to, Dinosaur Hall, one of the finest dinosaur collections in the world. See Egyptian artifacts, visit the Hall of Minerals and Gems, and hear the beat of distant drums in the Hall of American Indians. 412-622-3131 or www.carnegiemuseums.org/cmnh/

A visit to Pittsburgh is not complete without a ride on the Duquesne Incline. Before the appearance of electric streetcars and automobiles, these funiculars were the most convenient way for Pittsburghers to climb the towering hills that are so much a part of the city’s topography. Today, the cars transport visitors to the top of Mount Washington for what is called “one of the best nighttime views in America.”
412-381-1665 or www.incline.cc

August Wilson Center for African American Culture is dedicated and named for the famous playwright August Wilson, who grew up in Pittsburgh’s Hill District neighborhood. This multidisciplinary cultural center, located in the heart of downtown, features Pittsburgh’s contributions to African American art, culture and history. The LEED-Certified green facility includes a 486-seat theater, galleries, bookstore, cafĂ© and space for education and research. The Center is the first African American cultural institution in the U.S. to present visual and performing arts, the humanities and educational programs in the same venue.

Marvel at hummingbirds the size of a thumb or Andean Condors with giant 10-foot wingspans at the National Aviary, a veritable indoor jungle of the world’s most incredible birds, including many endangered species. The National Aviary features more than 600 exotic birds in natural habitats. Located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, the National Aviary is the nation’s premier bird park, celebrating more than 50 years of birds.
412-323-7235 or www.aviary.org

Stroll Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. A glass Victorian greenhouse that opened in 1893, Phipps has become a strong advocate for advanced green-building practices, sustainable gardening and a new environmental awareness. The Conservatory boasts the first LEED Certified building in a public garden. The newest addition, the Tropical Forest Conservatory, is passively cooled and is considered the world’s most energy-efficient conservatory. In addition, it is the only conservatory in the world powered by a solid oxide fuel cell.
412-622-6914 or www.phipps.conservatory.org

Experience Pittsburgh’s history at The Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh History Center. An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, the History Center tells the experiences of the waves of immigrants who were swept into Pittsburgh on the tide of history. The core exhibit of the museum transports visitors through time from the 1750s to the present.
412-454-6000 or www.pghhistory.org

One-of-a-Kind Nationality Rooms -The University of Pittsburgh’s 27 Nationality Rooms are the only ones like it in the world! These classrooms located in the 42-story Cathedral of Learning represent the countries whose citizens had immigrated to Pittsburgh. The rooms were paid for by ethnic committees and designed by native architects using indigenous materials – and there’s nothing else like them! The 27 classrooms created to date are: African Heritage, Armenian, Austrian, Chinese, Czechoslovak, Early American, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indian, Irish, Israel Heritage, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Scottish, Swedish, Syrian-Lebanese, Ukrainian, Welsh and Yugolslav. Rooms in planning include: Danish, Finnish, Latin American, Philippine, Swiss, Thai and Turkish. Since 1944, members of Quo Vadis, a Pitt student organization, study the rooms in great detail and conduct guided tours for nearly 30,000 visitors each year.

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