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NSBE Development is a new initiative to diversify NSBE’s revenue sources and align the financial goals of the organization with NSBE’s long term goals. There are 3 main areas that NSBE is focusing on: (1) NSBE Annual Giving Campaign, (2) Individual Donors and (3) Charitable Foundations & Government Agencies.

The Annual Giving Campaign is focused on increasing the involvement of NSBE leadership and membership through financial contributions on a yearly basis.  Donated funds are used to support programmatic and strategic initiatives including Academic Excellence, Chapter Development, Pipeline Development and  Engagement of Technical Professionals.

Individual Donors, including NSBE alumni and individuals in the community are approached and invited to partner with achieving NSBE’s goals through financial donations.  These individuals support and share the long term goals of NSBE.

National Society of Black Engineer’s vision is to increase the pipeline of culturally responsible black engineers. 

The opportunity to partner with Charitable Foundations & Government Agencies is another focus area.  NSBE is looking to foster relationships with  organizations that will increase the impact of NSBE on the greater community and gain access to federal and foundation grants that support our programs.

The vision of the National Society of Black Engineers is to increase the pipeline of culturally responsible black engineers.

We believe that by supporting the initiatives focused on the development of our membership in science, engineering, technology and math in K-12 schools, colleges and universities and resources necessary for our technical professionals, NSBE will be closer to achieving our mission. 

We approach our mission through:

Developing and implementing programming such as the Freshmen Retention program that is aimed to reduce the number of members failing the gateway courses in engineering, science and math.
Providing resources to collegiate and technical professional members to aid in closing the gap on junior members’ performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT). 
The Summer Engineering Experience for Kids that is structured to build a pipeline of future engineers by introducing students to the field of engineering through hands-on projects and giving them additional skills and confidence in math and science

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Donate on these 4 days:

2012: September 17 & November 19

2013: February 18 & April 15



Donate through your company’s matching gift program and double your impact! (Can be done in conjunction with the Just Give 1 Campaign). More information available here.



Create a brief 1-2 minute video of why you choose to give back to NSBE and it could be featured on the National website.  (send videos to nebatsp@nsbe.org)



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