NSBE Recruitment Month: 


Click the folder for more details on your mission.

WHO: All current NSBE members

WHAT: A one month initiative for NSBE members worldwide to collectively expand the NSBE family!

WHEN: September 2012

WHERE: Your current location

WHY: Our mission is THE Mission!




    Reserve a space/table for the event (make sure you have 2 laptops and wireless internet access)

  2. Get your NSBE paraphernalia from the NSBE store*

  3. Share NSBE's story--National, Regional, and from your chapter! 

  4. Sign members up

  5. Share your month with us! Upload pictures and videos to NSBE's Facebook page


What you'll need:


Have questions? Contact your local Regional Membership Team:

Region I - r1membership@nsbe.org
Region II - r2membership@nsbe.org
Region III - r3membership@nsbe.org
Region IV - r4membership@nsbe.org
Region V - r5membership@nsbe.org
Region VI - r6membership@nsbe.org
National - nebmembership@nsbe.org