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We are thrilled to introduce MyNSBE, our member-only online communities! With MyNSBE, you can ask questions, share advice, send contact requests, and upload helpful documents. Connecting with fellow NSBE members has never been easier!


Quick Facts About MyNSBE

  1. What is MyNSBE?

    MyNSBE is a platform that provides members with secure online communities that will foster connectivity within our membership.

  2. How do I use it?

    Some of MyNSBE’s features include discussion boards, libraries, blogs, shared calendars, and network searches. You can use these features to ask questions, share resources, and connect with NSBE members all across the world.

  3. What is the difference between MyNSBE and NSBEconnect?

    NSBEconnect houses your contact information and all of your transactions in our database (i.e. meeting registrations, membership renewals) whereas MyNSBE provides a social component to our site. MyNSBE integrates with NSBEconnect, so you only need to sign in once to navigate between the two.

  4. What types of communities will MyNSBE have?

    For the launch, MyNSBE will only have a general forum, which is a community that includes all members. Over time, we will introduce communities for chapters, special interest groups, and events to ensure that you’re connected to the groups you belong to.

  5. When can I use MyNSBE?

    The general forum will launch on May 1st! You will receive an email notification that gives instructions on how to perform basic tasks, such as update your profile, post a discussion questions, and add a contact.