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The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative™ is a league in which middle and high school students practice the art of being professionals. Young men and women, supported by a community of mentors and educators, collaborate and compete in ways that mirror business & marketing executives, engineers, technicians, green transportation designers and professional motorsports teams.

Middle and High School Students in grades 9-12 will compete using electric radio controlled (RC) cars to create products and work together in ways that parallel the arduous preparation of NASCAR teams in the weeks, months and years leading up to each race. Student teams showcase their work and compete over the internet, locally and nationally in categories including project management, race engineering, aerodynamic design, alternative energy, creative engineering and graphic design.

Teams earn points and gain feedback from remote STEM mentors via the Student Racing Challenge website. Point leaders earn invitations to the National Finals hosted in May of each year. Events are listed at Ten80's Facebook site. Read more.

The NSBE Ten80 NASCAR kit and all of its components is the sole property of the National Society of Black Engineers. By accepting a NASCAR Ten80 Kit, you agree to participate in NSBE NASCAR Ten80 Competition at National Convention. After National Convention, your chapter will be asked to evaluate their participation in NASCAR Ten80 for the following year. In the event that you choose not to participate in NSBE Nascar Ten80 the following year, the kit and all of its components must be returned to the National Society of Black Engineers. If the kit is not returned your chapter will be withheld registration from any NSBE Conferences and Competitions until the kit is returned.

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2013-2014 NASCAR Ten80 NSBE Participant Guide

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