TMAL Frequently Asked Questions

Will the students need to study NSBE History and Acronyms AND Black Inventors?
This section might have been a little confusing in the TMAL Rule book. A brief NSBE History Section will be on the Progress Assessment Test. We expect the students to have some basic competency about the organization and the mission. The NSBE History Category in the Quizbowl portion of TMAL was replaced with the Black Scientist and Inventors this year. The focus during the competition (Quizbowl) will be to highlight the achievements of scientist and inventors both past and present.

The TMAL Rule Book says each chapter can bring no more than 2 teams to FRC. Does that mean that the 1st and 2nd teams from the local competition can compete at FRC?
Or does it mean that if there is no local competition, each chapter can bring a maximum of 2 teams? This section will be re-worded in the manual for clarity. The section mainly serves for regions that have to eliminate teams prior to Regional Conference because the number of teams competing becomes too large at Fall Regional Conference. For areas that have local competitions, the 1st and 2nd teams will compete at FRC (We might amend this rule). When there is no local competition, a chapter can bring as many teams that they are able to prepare for the Fall Regional Conference. However, there should be more than one TMAL Coach for every two teams from the same chapter. We want to make sure the students are getting adequate instruction to in preparation for the competition.

How will this work for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors, i.e. students in these grades will NOT have SAT or ACT scores to report before Fall Regional Conference and only current seniors who took one or both of these tests during their junior year will have scores to report by October. Will you consider PSAT scores?
Sophomores and Juniors won’t take the 2012 PSAT until Mid-October and they won't start getting their scores until December? Will a team with no seniors NOT be able to earn bonus points? Good point. This should have been made clearer in the TMAL Manual. Bonus points will only be allotted at National Convention (TMAL World Competition and the NSBE Amazing Race Math Edition). In order to allow for equal distribution of bonus points, PSAT Scores will be allowed for submission for bonus points. A photocopy of the PSAT score can be sent to the National TMAL Coordinator at tmal@nsbe-ae.org.

Do the Advisors grade the Practice SAT?
No. The answers are submitted online through the link provided in the toolkit. The National TMAL Committee will grade the SAT and the essay and send feedback to the advisors on their students test scores. It will help you guys know what areas each student needs extra help.

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