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    Innovation Excellence: A Call to Action

    By definition, innovation is something introduced that is new or different. An innovative device, product or method can dramatically improve our quality of life.

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    Can You Learn while Multitasking?

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    When we multitask while doing our work, our learning is shallow and spotty, and we make more mistakes. Why? Because our brains can only handle one higher-order thinking activity at a time (such as studying engineering or physics).

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    STEM for All: Why STEM Is Good for Everyone

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    STEM introduces a new way of thinking, teaching and learning.

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    How Do I Prepare for Class?

    Part of being successful in college is utilizing class time to maximize your learning. Regardless of whether it’s a lecture, recitation, or discussion group, the class time shouldn’t be the first time you see the material. Here are some tips for getting ready for class.

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    How Do I Make Critical Connections in College?

    To be effective, everyone in the group must be prepared to do work on his or her own. The working group should not be where you get most of your work done. You’ll never learn the material that way.

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    Can You Really Manage Time? Tips for College Students and Others

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    Our brains cycle through periods of high and low energy called ultradian rhythms. These fluctuations last for 90 to 110 minutes (Jensen, p. 49).

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    No Pain, No Gain: Get In the Zone

    Some students shy away from the zone and stay with easy work. They avoid embracing more difficult coursework because not knowing something is unnerving and uncomfortable for them. They’ll choose the mainstream math class because the advanced course is too painful.

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    Our Nation Needs to Fix the Breach in the STEM Pipeline

    As STEM goes, so goes the country. The global economic leadership of the United States is inextricably linked to advancement in science, technology, engineering and mathematicsExperts estimate that as much as 75 percent of measured growth in the US economy is attributable to technological innovation. In addition, the overall U.S. science and technology workforce exceeded 7.4 million workers in 2012 and it will continue to grow significantly through 2018, to an estimated 8.65M STEM workers.[1]

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    What Can Schools Do NOW to Improve the Success of Black Males and Other Students of Color?

    I’m convinced that there’s no “secret sauce” when it comes to fostering academic success. And yet, only 10% of approximately 350,000 Black males who start high school each year earn a college degree in 10 years according to the UNCF Frederick Patterson Research Institute. We know what needs to be done to improve these outcomes; we just have to have the collective will to execute.

  • Preparing for Exams

    With finals approaching, use this advice to get ready!