• Want to Boost Your Salary by $10,000? Ask for More.

    “…Black candidates asked for $112,800, the lowest ask of any racial group included in the study.”

  • Progressing Toward 2025: More Black Engineers Graduate

    Why have we focused on 10K? There has been an ongoing debate about this country’s ability to fill science and engineering jobs with qualified candidates. One obvious solution is to increase the talent pool by graduating more scientists and engineers2. At 13.3 percent of the total population3 and only 4.0 percent of engineering degree holders, African Americans are vastly underrepresented in this field, one that has high earning potential and makes a significant economic impact.

  • Get an Edge with a PMP

    According to TechRepublic, a PMP certification “helps establish the person as a credible leader” and shows an investment in career planning1.  

  • Why Engineering? College Majors and Earnings for African Americans

    Workforce shows that African Americans tend to be concentrated in the lowest-paying majors.

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    Want to Graduate? Join NSBE

    Why does NSBE work? In this paper, the authors assert that NSBE provides a holistic social space for members to engage in quality relationships, participate in activities and cultivate a sense of belonging.


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    Why NSBE?

    What impact do NSBE and other like organizations have on their members? A new study shows that high school students participating in career and technical student organizations (CTSOs) and activities have clearer career paths.