The new NSBE professionals what does it all mean?LL MEAN?

By Syreeta A. Thomas, National NSBE Professionals Secretary

“The name is part of a larger strategy…to increase the value of your professional membership

The NSBE Alumni Extension (AE) was established in 1988 for members who “graduated” from the National Society of Black Engineers to continue their involvement in the organization. As times changed, the AE matured into something much more than an “alumni club” for NSBE members. To better represent today’s technical professional membership and the long-range vision of being a premier organization for those working in STEM fields, it was proposed that the name of the Alumni Extension be changed. The NSBE Senate approved a constitutional amendment at the 39th Annual Convention in Indianapolis, Ind., last March, formally transforming the NSBE Alumni Extension into NSBE Professionals, effective Aug. 1, 2013.

The transition to NSBE Professionals ushers in a new era in which we strive to become an organization focused not only on giving back to its communities and mentoring students pursuing STEM careers, but also on providing resources, networking and support for our members working in academia and industry, as they pursue professional success. The name is part of a larger strategy to provide mentoring, continuing education, networking and career opportunities to increase the value of your professional membership. As the name change is implemented, you’ll see a number of changes in our documentation, marketing materials and communication channels. These changes will be made throughout the current membership year in an effort to align these items with our brand.

Growth Opportunity

A “Chapter Branding Playbook” has been created to provide comprehensive instructions and assist chapters in making a smooth transition. The playbook was disseminated via the Regional Professionals Executive Boards and is also available in the “Downloads” section of the National Professionals website ( Topics include updating the chapter name in our membership systems, updating website URLs and social media accounts, making changes to tax-exempt status and other financial accounts, and building your new brand in your local community.

Many have asked how all of these changes affect how chapters will run. How much the name change affects the operations of your chapter is solely up to you. The day-to-day operations and programs of your chapter may remain completely the same with a different name. Or you may take this time as an opportunity to change the way your chapter thinks about its operations. Chapters across the country are implementing a variety of high-value-add programs, and we strongly encourage members to reach out to each other to gain best practices. If we can learn from each other and grow, we can realize the vision of being a go-to organization for technical leadership.

We look forward to working with each of you to make that vision a reality.

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