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  •  The 46 Most Important African-Americans In Technology

    The 46 Most Important African-Americans In Technology

    African-Americans in the tech industry still seem to be relatively few and far between, but Business Insider put together a our of some of the most accomplished African-Americans in the industry.

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  • Trailblazers, Makita Phillips

    Trailblazers, Makita Phillips

    Makita Phillips, NSBE’s National Leadership Institute chair for 2013–14, looks for ways to keep things cool in a hot area of STEM research. A mechanical engineering Ph.D. candidate at North Carolina State University, she works with a multidisciplinary team, in the Materials Science and Engineering department, to detect and avoid “quench behavior” in superconductors.

  • NSBE Bridge Honor Roll

    NSBE Bridge Honor Roll

    The NSBE Bridge Honor Roll recognizes the outstanding achievements of middle school and high school members of NSBE’s Academic Pyramid of Excellence (APEX). APEX students have verified grade-point averages of 3.0 or higher ( Each issue of the magazine spotlights several of our NSBE Jr. APEX honorees, to promote Academic Excellence.

  • My Back to School Plan

    My Back to School Plan

    Kayla Mackey, 11, is a member of the Bridgeport/Access NSBE Jr. Chapter in Bridgeport, Ct.
  • Prodigies at Penn

    Prodigies at Penn

    Years before they entered the same Ivy League university, joined NSBE and embarked on engineering paths, Brittney Exline and Kevin Holmes were bright, young prodigies.