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Committed to the development of NSBE magazine and the active recruitment of minority engineers Premier Advertisers run advertisements in five consecutive issues of NSBE Magazine. Premier Advertisers are NSBE magazine’s most valued advertisers and they fully support the minority engineering effort and diversity in the global workplace.

Recruiting is a year-round job and NSBE Magazine offers exclusive value added benefits. Become a Premier Advertiser and benefit from more than just frequency.

Design Specifications

  • Large advertising discounts - up to 23% off the one-time rate
  • A one-page corporate profile
  • Recognition in the Premier Advertisers Page in each issue
  • A Special Recognition award presented at NSBE’s Annual National Convention
  • Special recognition in the May post-convention issue
  • Mechanical & Production Information
  • Publication Size 8 1/8” x 10 7/8
  • Printing WEB
  • Binding Perfect Bound
  • Bleed Size Full Page: 8 3/8” x 11 1/8”
  • Spread: 16 _” x 11 1/8”
  • For full pages keep live matter 3/8” from trim edge

Line Screen 133 lines negatives should be right reading emulsion side down and accompanied by a four color proof.

Production Guidelines Follow AAAA/BPA/MPA recommended standards for offset printing (SWOP).

Black and White Advertisements Supply base (.004) right reading film negatives emulsion side down prepared to publication size of space ordered. Preferred screen range 133 line. All film must be accompanied by a velox proof and indicate bleed and trim marks as well as center marks on spreads. Recommended tonal range: highlights 3% midtones sharpened 8-10 % due to press gain shadows 85%. Anything greater than 85% may print solid.

Two Color Advertisements Supply one piece per color stable base (.004) right reading film negatives emulsion side down in register prepared in the exact size of the space ordered. The film should identify color and include crop and register marks.

Four Color Advertisements Supply stable base (.004) right reading film negatives emulsion side down in register prepared the exact size of space ordered. Preferred screen range 133 line. Film should be supplied one piece per color identifying the color the engraver and include register marks on four sides in addition to bleed trim and center marks. Follow SWOP Standards.

Density Four four-color printing the sum percentages should not exceed 300%. Matched AAAA process inks should be proofed side to side with color bars at bottom. Color sequence is black blue red and yellow (all colors proofed wet). Progressive proofs must be furnished with film for accurate color match and coverage. Matchprint or Chromalin proofs are also accepted. Color keys are least desirable and not recommended. Follow SWOP standards.

Web Banner Sizes ~ NEW!
Banner Image Specs:
Right Ad : 200 X 120
Center Ad: 467 X 59 

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2013-2013 Premier Advertisers