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In this area, you will find helpful information that can aide your chapter and its members in finding a chapter and developing your chapter. You will also find more info about the chapter awards offered annually to those chapters that are going above and beyond to fulfill the NSBE mission. 

We hope you find this information useful and encourage you to check back often for changes and updates.

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Your Programs and Membership Teams


Looking to do some fundraising for your chapter?  Looking to develop monetary partnerships with companies in your area?  Having your own 501c-3 or participating in the NSBE Gen Survey can prove to be beneficial to your goals.

To be add to the GEN Survey list, you must first be

  • An active NSBE Chapter is eligible to request inclusion in the GEN program.
  • Only the chapter President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who has paid their 2014-15 dues will have access to view and complete the Gen Survey.
  • Chapters must complete the required General Exemption Survey via IMPak /Aptify– available August 15, 2014 – March 31, 2015

Things to know about the Gen Survey

  • Each chapter MUST have their own EIN/TIN.
  • NO chapter is authorized to use the NSBE National EIN.
    • Note: Any chapter that uses the NSBE National EIN is subject to disciplinary action by NSBE and/or the IRS.
  • Applies to ALL NSBE chapters. Any questions regarding the validity of the EIN number that your chapter is using may be directed to the National Professional Treasurer.

IRS online application for EIN at:  https://sa.www4.irs.gov/modiein/individual/index.jsp

Advantages of being Tax Exempt
Donations to tax-exempt organizations such as NSBE are deductible on the donor’s Federal Income Tax return. Whether we like it or not, many contributions are given solely for deductions on income taxes and many companies and foundations only donate to tax-exempt organizations.

NSBE offer this Gen Survey process to our chapter because this process can provide a legal umbrella for chapter so that they can conduct business and fulfil the goals and objectives.  Unlike most collegiate chapters, Professionals chapters cannot be tax exempt under a University status.

Professional chapters are not mandated to purse status under the Gen Survey.  Chapters can explore the option of filing for their own 501c-3 number.  This process and other helpful information can be located in the NSBE Tax Exempt Process Playbook.