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2016 NSBE AABE Energy Summit

The Energy Summit is presented jointly by the NSBE Energy Special Interest Group and the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE). This event will facilitate the interaction of more than 300 professionals and students to ultimately enhance the ability of minorities and women to positively impact the energy sector. This event will coincide with the NSBE Professional Development Conference in Charlotte, N.C., from Sept. 29th – Oct. 2, 2016.

Highlighted Energy Summit Programming
  • Technical Research Exhibition | Provides an opportunity for graduate students and technical professionals to present their research findings and encourages undergraduate students to showcase their research and pursue graduate degrees. Research is presented via abstract, paper and poster.

  • <Case Study of Successful Minority Vendor | The purpose of the case study is to provide people and/or companies interested in doing business in the energy sector the opportunity to understand how to “do it right”. It will also allow energy company representatives looking to enhance their minority participation to benchmark a successful company bringing value in the energy sector.

  • Is the Grid Ready for LED Lighting? | As LED light sources become the preferred energy-efficient lighting solution, the impact to the electric grid will encompass more than a reduction in energy consumption. LED lighting as illumination only is a thing of the past, as the Internet of Things brings opportunities for smart lighting and data-driven solutions. In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits of highly efficacious LED lighting and walk through challenges that must be addressed for successful deployment.

  • Patent Filing and Maintenance | The target audience of this session is students and entrepreneurs interested in intellectual property protection. This session will describe the difference between patents, copyrights and trade secrets. It will give the specific process, schedule and projected cost of fi ling a patent. It will cover do’s and don’ts of communication during the patent fi ling process.

  • AABE + NSBE Mentorship Program Meet and Greet | Two mentors will be matched with five mentees. The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) will be the primary source of mentors. Groups will be established to increase the probability of connection and true coaching.

  • Energy Business Energy Ventures Presentation | The target audience of this session is students and entrepreneurs. Red Tail Market Capital will give a one-hour discussion of the things necessary to raise capital for an idea. The NSBE Entrepreneurship SIG will coach the companies participating in this event.

  • Energy Reverse Pitch | The target audience of this session is for student entrepreneurs. Large companies with specific problems often turn to small companies to have them pitch solutions. In most cases, the presentation will provide a rough idea of what a solution could be, how much money could be charged to solve the problem and how big the market is. After the presentations, participants will be given a chance to network and to generate potential partnerships. All subsequent conversations will be filtered and vetted by The Smith Gruppe to minimize unnecessary interaction with key large company staff.