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6 - 7 AM Friday, September 30, 2016 and Saturday, October 1, 206

As a Health Coach and cutting edge trainer, Jayden Johnson is Mr. Health and Wellness. After reversing type 2 diabetes, overcoming high blood pressure, and successfully losing 140lbs, all naturally and on his own, Jayden created a holistic blueprint to restoring health and vitality. Inspired by his own success, Jayden has been on a mission to change mindsets, reshape bodies, and transform lifestyles to combat with the current obesity epidemic and the diseases aligned with it. Jayden's knowledge, experience, and hand-on no nonsense coaching approach has gotten people jaw dropping results making him the area's most sought after trainers for weight management and health coaching. Jayden offers a unique holistic approach which includes eating REAL FOOD and excludes taking pills, protein shakes, and having unrealistic expectations! Jayden is also a published writer and speaker who is committed to sharing his knowledge to make sure people are tooled with correct information. His passion for his clients success can only be outmatched by his work ethic. Jayden provides a range of services and packages to suit individuals needs so join him on a life changing adventure.

Jayden Johnson, Owner & Founder Mr Health and Wellness & HealWell Juice and Smoothies