The Environmental Engineering SIG provides a forum for professionals to network and receive information about tangential areas of expertise. The programs and projects of the Environmental Engineering SIG have a goal of achieving and maintaining distributional equity of sustainability and environment related information and experiences.

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Environmental Engineering Special Interest Group Director

Narom Louis

As the Environmental Engineering SIG Director, Narom Louis increases awareness on present day land, water, and air issues with a focal point on programming with a focus on partnerships with industry and government increases membership, retention, and engagement.

Mr. Louis received his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Florida State University. He has been a member of NSBE for more than ten years as a Professional Member. He served on the Professional’s Executive Board as a Washington DC Chapter Officer. Other roles held include Deputy Director of the Environmental Engineering SIG 2015-2017 and Special Interest Projects Chairperson for the SIG. In 2017 he was awarded the Technical Excellence Ambassador for continuing to echo the message of environmental engineering excellence.

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