The mission of NSBE Space is to stimulate the active participation of the community, with focus on the Black community, both within and beyond the engineering profession, in space-related activity.

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Why a Space SIG?

Aerospace industry statistics are staggering. In 2015, 18 percent of all U.S. aerospace engineers were eligible for retirement. Only 5 percent of aerospace and defense workers are African-American. In the Space SIG, we strive to create pathways for Black students to enter careers in the space industry, for Black professionals to transition into space careers, and for Black space professionals to excel in their chosen domains.

About Us

The Space SIG is an all-volunteer professional network of NSBE Professionals who are employed within the nation’s space industry or have an interest in the US space program. We are an active technical society and our members serve on one of our technical project teams, conference planning teams, or outreach project teams. Exciting opportunities are available for not only scientific and engineering professionals, but also for professionals in non-technical disciplines such as management, public relations, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, education, youth development, and more. Each member, regardless of position, is asked to volunteer 2-5 hours per week in support of their chosen Space SIG role.

Join Us

NSBE invites you to be part of the exciting space research conducted by the Space SIG. Through these projects, NSBE serves as an enabling platform. We offer a means to be involved in “cool”, interesting, and scientifically relevant research. Participation also enables you to work alongside other Black space professionals in a context that builds mutual understanding of each other’s technical proficiencies. Our technical projects include long range pressurized rover design, spaceport feasibility studies, space architecture, and space analog missions. The Space SIG also aids in career development by building our members’ professional reputations through conference publications, hardware and software demonstrations, and other engineering analysis or hardware development.

Space SIG Core Values

  1. Space-related technological advancement is the destiny of all humanity and the community, including the Black community must play a significant role in this enterprise.
  2. All Americans must legitimately have and accept ownership of the American space program
  3. A sustained, visionary American space capability is absolutely necessary for the United States to protect its technological leadership, economic vitality, and security
  4. There must be an increased engagement of the Black community in space-related education and technological development activities.
  5. The current space-related capabilities of the nation must be transferred to future generations.

About the Space SIG Director

Racheal Hill is an experienced operations manufacturing professional and space enthusiast. She specializes in developing organizational continuous improvement strategies that build capability, provide innovative solutions, and create high performing teams through the use of Total Productivity Management methodologies. Racheal received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University. She obtained her Masters of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University – Commerce. Her passion for STEM outreach and education led her to being selected to serve as a Solar System Ambassador for NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in which she has the distinction of being the first African American female in the State of Texas and Dallas County to join this prestigious panel of space enthusiasts. She brought that same passion to NSBE where she has conducted numerous space related TORCH activities. Hill has partnered with municipalities, Independent School Districts (ISD’s) and non-profits to host events and give presentations that focus on the solar system and space exploration with an emphasis on STEM educational activities for minority and disadvantaged youth in grades K-12. Racheal has served as Delegate, Professional Development Chair and Vice Chair of the Dallas / Fort Worth Professionals chapter. She has also served as the Space SIG Chief of Staff.

Racheal is a recognized leader in her community and has served as the Chair of The City of Lancaster, TX Planning and Zoning Commission. She holds memberships in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Jack and Jill of America, Inc., and the Junior League of Dallas.

Racheal Hill, MBA