From The Chair

Greetings and Welcome to NSBE Region I,

I am Joe Barclay and it is a pleasure to serve as your 2016-2017 Region I Professionals Chairperson. I am a life-long member of our organization beginning as a NSBE Jr member at Brooklyn Technical HS, a collegiate member at NYU-Poly and currently as a professional member in the NYC XL chapter.

After coming off a year in which Region I hosted both the Professional Development Conference (Hartford, CT) and the 42nd National Convention (Boston, MA), it is important that we as STEM professionals continue to uphold the traditions and standards that have been representative of our region while providing the tools and support necessary to achieve our mission. With this in mind, the Region’s focus will be ‘Strong Members, Strong Leaders, Strong Chapters’. The strategy is to increase support to our chapters’ programming initiative, empower our leadership through specific and measurable directives and finally to guide our membership to use NSBE as a platform to achieve their personal professional development. Over the next few months, the Region I board will roll out exciting plans and schedule of events to energize the membership while looking to incorporate your thoughts and ideas into our programming.

Nationally NSBE has published in its strategic plan, ‘10K by 2025’ a goal to more than triple black engineering graduates from 3,500 graduates in 2012 to 10,000 by the year 2025. I believe this goal is attainable, however it will require us to “...take into consideration the lives we impact on a daily basis” as quoted by our National Chair, Matthew Nelson. As professionals we are the final product of the NSBE pipeline. It is our responsibility to showcase ourselves as role models, increase visibility in our communities and become the catalyst in someone’s life.

Your region is led by a talented and dedicated group of professionals who are eager to work alongside you in improving our programs. Most importantly, we believe in the mission, emphasizing to ‘succeed professionally’. Together with your support, I know we will achieve our collective goals.

Yours in NSBE,

Joe Barclay
Region I Professional Chair
2016-2017 Region I Professional Executive Board
National Society of Black Engineers