Welcome Upstate, SC Professionals

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We are pleased to announce that Region II has another chapter added to the Professionals. We would like to welcome Upstate, SC Professionals to the NSBE Family. To learn more about the Upstate Professionals please read below.
Courtney Wheeler is the President of the Upstate, SC Professionals. Her and her team of individuals are eager to hit the ground running to make an impact on their members and the community.

Interview with Courtney:

Question 1) What made you want to start a NSBE Professional Chapter?

* I was a member of NSBE when I was in college and it helped me throughout my undergraduate career and helped me to locate job opportunities. Unfortunately, where I currently work and live, there was not a NSBE presence nearby and most people I have come across did not even know about NSBE. That sparked a fire in me to bring a NSBE presence to this area so that professionals can experience what NSBE has to offer them for their career and personal development.

Question 2) What do you have planned for the rest of the 2014-2015 NSBE Year?

*Currently, we are working on learning what our positions entail and identifiying what resources we need to move forward. We are also working towards identifying target areas and businesses for membership recruitment. With the help of the Region II Professionals Executive Board, we hope to be able to hold a few programs this year focused on professional development.

Question 3) What are you looking to gain from being a chapter within NSBE?

*From NSBE, I wish to gain personal and career growth guidance. I know NSBE is a huge network and I want to tap into that network and expose our members to it. From going to conferences in college, I was able to gain so much knowledge and meet amazing people that helped me get to where I am today.