How can you support NSBE?

Start by participating in our Regional sponsorships! Here you will find information on 2014-2015 Sponsorship Opportunities within NSBE! As a partner, there is opportunity for you or your organization to fund NSBE through the National and/or Regional level by means of sponsorship, recruitment tools/events, job postings, upcoming NSBE events, and more. For Local Chapter funding, please contact the local chapter leaders directly. A database of chapter leaders is available through resume database access.

Regional Sponsorship

Our Regional Sponsors have full access to applicants and maximum visibility during various events. A record number of companies, government agencies and academic institutions have facilitated NSBE’s growth by supporting our programs and participating in our Fall Regional Conferences and Annual Convention that attracts up to 10,000 attendees and as a result, close to 300 exhibitors and sponsors participated during the 2012 – 2013 year. In return, these events have benefited our partners and supporters, by providing “one-stop shops” for recruitment of top engineering and technical talent, and professional development opportunities for current employees.


Fall Regional and Professional Development Conferences (FRC) provides a forum for discussion and information exchange between collegiate, pre-college, alumni, and corporate representatives at the regional level. Within the three-day weekend each region encourages academic excellence and professional development through various technical, cultural, professional workshops and competitions, and Career and Graduate School Fairs. With FRC being our largest regional gathering, it would be of your company’s best interest to interact among our regions elite group of students. In addition, we invite your company to attend and provide workshop facilitation.

Corporate Sponsorships assist in our regional development, in addition to our membership dues and fundraisers. In the corporate packets above you will find a listing of the event and program sponsorship opportunities available for each region along. We ask that you thoroughly examine all the information provided and consider supporting the National Society of Black Engineers on the regional level.