Professional Development – Using Book Summary Websites

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Professional development and reading go hand in hand. Sometimes, one can have difficulty finding time to read or one may just be interested in getting an overview of a book.  If you fall into either of those categories, consider using book summary websites.  Depending on the website used, it can contain summaries, cliff notes, or even a study guide (where applicable). 
There are many websites that offer this service.  Some services are free and others require a subscription.  Here are a couple of websites you can go to and see if book summaries are a fit for you.  Both of these websites provide free book summaries.  The first website is  Wiki Summaries has a list of summaries that anyone can read.  There are many books and categories to select a book from. 
The second website is  This website’s book summary section features 621 business books to choose from.  An interesting caveat with this website is that each book summary also includes an area called “The Golden Egg” and a “Gem”.  The Golden Egg is what the summarizer feels is the key point or takeaway in the book.  The Gem is what the summarizer feels is a way to apply the topics in the book to everyday life.
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Keith Sylvester