Region III Professionals, Welcome to the New NSBE Year!!!!

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Region III Professionals, Welcome to the New NSBE Year!!!! 
Greetings Region III Professionals!

First I would like to thank the NSBE Region III Professionals for allowing me to serve as Region 3 Professionals executive board (R3PEB) chair for 2015-2016 and congratulate all the new and returning R3PEB members!  I would also like to welcome all the NEW and returning professional members to the new NSBE year!  I have had the pleasure of serving NSBE in Region III and Region VI at the collegiate level, and I am happy to be back in Region III as a professional to help lead the region to continued success! 

I am following the footsteps of some great leaders in the organization.  Yet, our evolution as the NSBE Professionals Brand involves the creation and development of a new regional identity, one that not only builds on previous years’ successes, but adopts, innovates and introduces new ways to support the NSBE mission.  The next year will challenge the R3PEB to promote programs and membership initiatives that reflect our STEM in our region, our society and industry overall, and is also beneficial to our members.

Our board, which includes many seasoned NSBE leaders, is excited about the opportunity to give something back to our membership and be at the forefront of addressing issues that impact our membership whether they are fresh out of school, young technical professionals, mid-level career or senior executives.   We are dedicated to continuing to improve our member value proposition, promoting professional excellence and fully supporting all of our existing and emerging chapters throughout the region, including chapters in Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean.

For our current members and perspective members I want to assure you that the intention of this board is to grow the regional membership through membership engagement and enhancing the NSBE member experience.  We will stay focused on communicating with 100% of our chapters, strengthening Special Interest Group (SIG) participation, creating new networking opportunities, and providing relevant professional development resources. 

I look forward to a productive and successful year, set apart from the others, and invite each of you, as members, to participate, and most importantly, become actively involved in supporting the NSBE mission!  Please visit our website to learn about your 2015-2016 Region III Professionals Executive Board.  Each of the board members are excited and ready to reach out to each chapter throughout the year!

Reginald S. Archer, PhD
Region III PEB Chair