The Global Launchpad is hosting a NOW LEADERS INFO SESSION on July 23

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The Global Launchpad is hosting a NOW LEADERS INFO SESSION on July 23 and they're hoping you might be willing to share this information with individuals that meet the profile listed below.  They're looking for suggestions on emerging NEW LEADERS that we should invite.

The Global Launchpad ( has a mission of developing/supporting the next generation's technology game changers, . After years of mentoring and developing millennials as a Microsoft executive, the Managing Partner, Brenda Fanin is now building a talent and leadership incubator for emerging millennial leaders with high-potential and passion in the technology sector.


When the program launches formally, prospective candidates will be nominated and if chosen for the next phase, will go through a purpose discovery program. Those who opt to will be presented to leading technology companies for consideration for placement in their organization. This will include a globally immersive leadership development program (3 1-week long stints in other regions of the world) and assignment of mentor-sponsor to position them for exciting opportunities designed to develop their leadership profile and experience. The companies that we will be working with in this program will be global-presence leading technology companies that struggle with talent challenges among millennials and/or diversity. 

The ideal prospect has the following high-level profile: 
-Up to five (5) years out of their undergraduate or graduate program and into their professional career 
-High potential to do great things in the technology sector 
-Aspirations for global presence in their career and impact. 

Is there an emerging millennial member that comes to mind? Please send me their name and email address to Reggie Hammond ( and he'll follow-up with them. 

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