Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the new Region IV Year 2018-2019

I am Alex Isaac, your Region IV Professionals Chairperson for 2018 - 2019 am very excited to serve our community. We are particularly position in NSBE to truly impact all three demographics of NSBE membership. In addition, through a large membership, we can truly impact our community.

First, I want to work with chapters to help with recruiting new members of the society and ensuring members know what membership provides. Also, I would like to launch all regional programs as a Region so we can share with members all what NSBE should offer.

As Region IV, we can both impact our professional members and motivate college students and Pre-collegiate students to aspire to be one of us, a successful NSBE Professional member. With membership comes a certain expectation to live the mission for ourselves and for others. So, motivate others to live the mission and not just take from it.


With NSBE Luv

Alex Isaac

2018-2019 Region IV Professionals Chair

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)