NSBE Competitions take place at our Fall Regional Conferences and Annual Convention for NSBE Jr. and Collegiate members. These competitions showcase members’ technical skills in completing research and design of innovative projects. We also offer competitions that are specifically targeted to our international members that take place at conference and virtually via the web.


At the 2013 Fall regional conference, Region 2 hosted the first NSBE hackathon with the following purposes:

1) To give back to the Charlotte area by working to solve local problems through innovative technology. 2) To showcase the technical and design skills of NSBE membership in front of the companies that are represented at Annual Convention. 3) Provide a medium for members to compete against one another using their skills. 4) Provide a medium for members to learn real skills that will help them in class and during internships. 5) Provide companies the opportunity to directly observe their internship and full time candidates in action.

The NSBE National Hackathon was a brand new event that took place at the 2014 National Convention in Nashville, TN. It was a jam-packed 24-hour event exclusively for collegiate students. The hackathon was open to all students, programmers and non-programmers alike, and the purpose of the event was to allow participants the opportunity to bring a new and innovative idea to life by building a working prototype alongside their peers and industry professionals. 

Boeing Flight Competition

The Boeing Flight Competition is a technical competition for National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) undergraduate student members. Contestants design gliders made of balsa wood and entries are judged on longest distance flown, best team participation and best design.  This event takes place at National Convention each year.


The Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) is designed to showcase NSBE members' skills in technical writing, theoretical research, and oral presentation. The competition provides an opportunity for graduate students and technical professionals to present their research findings while encouraging undergraduate students to showcase their research and pursue graduate degrees. TRE is held during the Fall Regional Conference (FRC) and National Convention.