Each year NSBE students go back to their respective schools/universities in the Fall to continue their pursuit of academic excellence in their STEM degrees. NSBE designates November of each year to celebrate members’ academic achievement, create a dialogue about academic excellence, and showcase our Academic Excellence programming that provide support for our members. How will you celebrate? Email all questions/comments to your National Academic Excellence Chair, Sarah Brown at

Join the National Conversation on Academic Excellence

#NSBEstudy Chat
Join us on Twitter 11/5 at 9pm eastern to chat about academic excellence, academic resources and excelling in engineering.

#AExMonth Photo Challenge:
Post an academic excellence related picture each day of November! See last year’s recap for inspiration: here’s this year’s challenge:

1 #ReimagineAEx Selfie w/ AEx Chair @ FRC 16 #NSBEstudy selfie
2 #NSBEstudy selfie 17 Engineering structure on campus or abroad
3 Selfie with your mentor/mentee 18 Favorite prof
4 Favorite prof 19 Where you (or wish you) did study abroad
5 Selfie in any lab you have 20 Office Hours Selfie
6 Office Hours Selfie 21 #ReimagineAEx books packed for FRC
7 Study group/ group project 22 #ReimagineAEx Selfie w/ AEx Chair @ FRC
8 #NSBEstudy selfie 23 #NSBEstudy selfie
9 #NSBEstudy study spot 24 Your favorite Engineering meme
10 Your favorite Engineering meme 25 Academic #TransformationTuesday
11 #TransformationTuesday 1st yr in STEM vs. now 26 Stress relieving activity
12 Selfie in any lab you have 27 Family/support system Selfie on Thanksgiving
13 Office Hours Selfie 28 #FlashbackFriday pic of 1st year in NSBE
14 #ReimagineAEx books packed for FRC 29 Screenshot of scholarship app
15 #ReimagineAEx Selfie w/ AEx Chair @ FRC 30 #NSBEstudy selfie

Kaplan Test Prep #AExMonth Challenge


To award three NSBE members for being active participants in fulfilling NSBE’s pursuit of academic excellence, independent of their prior academic performance. A member can be an active participant by either benefitting from NSBE programming to improve their academic standing or by helping their peers to do so.


Two Kaplan Test Preparation Course Scholarships
One Fundamentals of Engineering Learning System

Competition Procedure:

  1. Register for the competition by completing an application to the Academic Excellence Committee, by 9pm on November 5th, here.
  2. Have a peer, a NSBE member, write a letter of recommendation for you as a peer leader of academic excellence
  3. Submit your essay and letter on NSBEconnect by 11/30, under scholarships.
  4. Participate in NSBE #AExMonth activities to earn more points!
    • Instagram Challenge, 1 point per day of the challenge completed
    • Twitter chat 11/5/14 at 9pm Eastern


  1. Paid, active NSBE Member (STEM majors only)
  2. Verified GPA in NSBEconnect see here for details on how to confirm your GPA
  3. For FE award: graduating in 2015 or earlier, has not already passed the FE
  4. For Test Prep: must plan to take a graduate entrance exam in 2015, graduating no later than spring 2016.
  5. Completed application, incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  6. For social media points, posts must come from a public instagram or twitter account that matches what is provided in the application and include the hashtag

Participate At Fall Regional Conference (FRC)

  1. Remember, academics come first! Don’t fall behind on classes while attending a Fall Regional Conference - devote 1 hour to homework by visiting the NSBE Study Hall while you are there!
  2. Participate in the NSBE Retention Program Chapter Forum. You can come out to learn how to participate in the program, and how to implement the Retention Program on your campus.
  3. Check out the “E” in NSBE! Stop by NSBE’s Technical Research Exhibition at your FRC and talk to a contestant to get a glimpse of the technical talent that your fellow NSBE members have!

Participate With Your Chapter

  1. Sign your chapter up as an official participant in the NSBE Retention Program!
  2. Verify the GPAs of your entire chapter with the GPA Collection Form.
  3. Find out how your chapter can work to improve student retention on your campus. Have a conversation with the administration at your engineering school to find out where you stand! Contact for more information.

Participate On Your Own

  1. Apply for scholarships by December 30! Check out the Scholarship Vault and apply for Regional, National, and Corporate Scholarships!
  2. Follow @NSBE on Instagram for more details on AEx Photo Challenge. Academic related awards will be given to those who post the most creative pictures and those who are most active. Will you step up to the challenge?
  3. Get involved with academic mentorship. Seek a mentor, mentor someone, or do both!