How will your chapter celebrate? Check out the Top 12 things you and your chapter can do to be involved! Email all questions/comments to your National Academic Excellence Chair, Tiffani Davis at

At Fall Regional Conference (FRC)

  1. Remember, academics come first! Don’t fall behind on classes while attending a Fall Regional Conference - devote 1 hour to homework by visiting NSBE Study Hall while you are there!

  2. Participate in the NSBE Retention Program Chapter Forum. You can come out to learn how to participate in the program, and how to implement the Retention Program on your campus.

  3. Check out the “E” in NSBE! Stop by NSBE’s Technical Research Exhibition at your FRC and talk to a contestant to get a glimpse of the technical talent that your fellow NSBE members have!

With Your Chapter

  1. Sign your chapter up as an official participant in the NSBE Retention Program!

  2. Verify the GPAs of your entire chapter with the Achiever’s Plus GPA Collection Form.

  3. Find out how your chapter can work to improve student retention on your campus. Have a conversation with the administration at your engineering school to find out where you stand! Contact for more information.

  4. Retention T-shirt design contest – Submit your design to your regional AEX Chair by November 30th. The contest winner will have their design printed for the NSBE retention program and receive 15 free shirts for their chapter. Guidelines: must contain NSBE logo (must follow logo policy), and must include the current retention slogan “We Drop Knowledge, Not Classes” or a new slogan. Help us promote Academic Excellence!

On Your Own

  1. Apply for scholarships by November 30! Check out the Scholarship Vault and apply for Regional, National, and Corporate Scholarships!

  2. Follow @NSBE on Instagram for more details on 26 Day AEx Photo Challenge. Academic related awards will be given to those who post the most creative pictures and those who are most active. Will you step up to the challenge? 

  3. Follow us on social media! Like the Academic Excellence Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter @nsbeaex.

  4. Submit your transcript! If you have not submitted your most recent transcript, please e-mail a copy to

  5. Get involved with academic mentorship. Seek a mentor, mentor someone, or do both!