NSBE Scholarships

The society offers a variety of NSBE and Corporate-sponsored scholarship and award opportunities to our pre-college, collegiate undergraduate and graduate student, and technical professional members. Our scholarship packages range in value from $500 to $10,500. In addition to the scholarships, we also provide access to awards which acknowledge our highest achieving members, such as the Mike Shinn Distinguished Member of the Year (male and Female) Award with a cash award of $7,500, as well as the Alumni Member and Technologist of the Year. Each of these awardees also receive a Golden Torch Award from the organization. For more details on the available scholarships and awards, please visit our Scholarship Vault!!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be eligible for NSBE scholarships you MUST:

  1. Be an ACTIVE, PAID NSBE member.
  2. Submit your transcript for GPA confirmation to World Head Quarters (Fall 2014 or LATER).

Applications are being accepted now! With over $500,000 in scholarships given to current and potential NSBE members annually, don't miss your chance to secure funds for this program year.

Programs Team
National Society of Black Engineers


Maximum Allowable Scholarship Recipient Award Value

The following new policies have been established regarding those that are selected to receive NSBE scholarship awards. This is an active policy for all scholarships moving forward.

  1. Each scholarship recipient cannot be awarded more than two (2) scholarships in a given program year.  
  2. Members that apply for more than one scholarship that has an internship requirement MUST rank acceptance of scholarship for awarding, if selected as a recipient. (A member cannot accept both internships for a given time period, thus must decide prior to selection which scholarship/internship they would want to accept in priority order.)

NSBE has a new online GPA verification process. Members will self - report their GPA on their profile and chapter advisors will approve it through the Educational Institution Portal in NSBEConnect.

Please have your chapter advisor or school official such as a faculty member or registrar (if your chapter does not have an advisor) complete this form to register for access to the Portal.

If you are a NSBE jr member, please have your chapter advisor or guidance counselor complete this form:(http://www.nsbe.org/getmedia/f2d18e45-8b17-46a9-9541-ea3c5a5509e0/AEx-GPA-Collection-Form.pdf.aspx) and e-mail it to scholarships@nsbe.org.