Fall Zone Conference


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New Jersey Zone Chair

Mia Powell

2017-2018 New Jersey Zone Chair
Region I Executive Board
National Society of Black Engineers

Welcome New Jersey Zone,
It is an honor to serve as the 2017-2018 New Jersey Zone Chair. We have a lot of great things planned for this year and look forward to your support!
The main goals for the year are
  • Increase chapter to chapter support
  • Charter/Re-Charter 2 non-active chapters by April 30,2017
  • Complete a community service event together as a zone each semester
  • Create an easily accessible platform for zone members to have access to many resources (scholarships, chapter events, zone events, NSBE updates and deadlines, etc.)
  • Complete 80% of Fall Zone Conference planning by the end of summer 2016.
These goals cannot be met without your support. If you are interested in hosting Fall Zone Conference, please email
Lastly, I look forward to remaining the best zone in the Region by taking advantage of all that NSBE has to offer and winning the most awards. If there is anyway I can assist your chapter in ANYTHING, please reach out to me!
One Fiyah,
Mia Powell

2017-2018 New Jersey Zone Executive Board

Position Name E-mail Number
Chair Mia Powell  
Vice Chair Vacant  
Secretary Vacant  
Treasurer Vacant  
Programs Chairperson Vacant  
Telecommunications Chair Vacant  
Public Relations Chair Vacant**  
FZC CPC Vacant  
Academic Excellence Chair Vacant  
Pre-Collegiate Initiative Chair Vacant  


Apply for the 2017-2018 New Jersey ZEB

Candidates Must Meet the following requirements:

  1. A paid student member with a membership application on file at World Headquarters
  2. A registered full-time student the academic semester prior to the beginning of the appointed term
  3. Must maintain student status throughout the appointed term
  4. Submit a Leadership Resume
  5. Submit a Letter of Recommendation*

Letter of Recommendation*

Recommendation letter should provide perspective regarding your character and work ethic, and potential as a leader. You should select a NSBE member who can speak directly to the aforementioned items.