Welcome Region First! One Fiyah!

To my Illustrious Fiyah Region,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official site for Region One of the National Society of Black Engineers. My name is Niasia Williams and I am both blessed and humbled to serve as your 2016 – 2017 Region I Chairperson. You have in-trusted me to carry a proud legacy. Region I was the First to host a National Conference, Alumni Conference, and Regional Leadership Conference. Region I is origin of NSBE magazine, and the initiators of NSBE.net which has now evolved into NSBE.org. We were the First region to identify academic excellence as priority and so appointed the First Regional Academic Excellence Chairperson and began the National Academic Excellence Committee. It was Region I that hosted the First Regional Leadership Transition Meeting, and the First region to add the NSBE mission statement into their bylaws.  We were even the First region to have a collegiate lifetime member. There are plenty of others First’s but they are more than can fit in this address.

With all of these accomplishments, came strong servant leaders. I plan to uphold the Region I legacy, join the lineage of leadership, and hope to lead the region into a new, strong, and more impactful space.

As a region we have now come to a crossroads. Last NSBE year we had the privilege of hosting the 42nd National Convention with over 11K attendees. We have once again set the bar high. The question now becomes ‘What is next for Region I?’. Out of this question came the vision for our region’s future. This vision includes NSBE becoming a household name in Region I, each student increasing their STEM literacy and considering engineering as an obtainable choice of career, a network of support which extends from the professional setting down to the 3rd grade classroom, and partnerships that allow our membership to become first choice when companies need innovative thinkers and the next generation of leaders. It also involves us, as privileged members of our respective communities, to be the voice that is not allotted to many others, and stand up to the injustice that too often comes against the welfare of our youth and other community members. It is time that we take ownership of our accomplishments and the contributions that we have made to the global society. Now is the time for us to rebrand ourselves in the truth which says that our people are respectable, educated, motivated, and our youth are a gold mine of untapped potential. This cannot be my work alone however. It will take the power and dedication of each Region I member to turn this vision into a reality. This is your call to action!

This year our regional directives include wholesome student support, financial vitality, increasing and maintaining student leadership opportunities, and strengthening the ‘Fiyah Family’. It is through these lenses that we will be able to take charge of our futures. I am both confident in and proud of the Regional Executive Board this year as they have been working tirelessly since their appointments to serve you the membership. We are dedicated to the servant leadership model and pledge to be an ever present resource to every Region I member domestic and aboard. We also charge you to hold the Regional Executive Board accountable as we work to serve you. By supporting each other we have more than enough to meet and surpass our goals. Together we will again claim our rightful place as FIRST among all regions, and be the primary contributor to NSBE’s 10,000 black engineers annually by the year 2025 goal.

Again I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to serve you the membership through the position of Regional Chairperson and I plan to do so, in the words of this year’s theme, ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

With Fiyah,

Niasia Williams

2016 -2017 Region I Chairperson