Welcome Region First! One Fiyah!

To the fiyah members of Region 1 and site visitors,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official site for Region One of the National Society of Black Engineers. My name is Alaisha Alexander and I am honored to serve as your 2017-2018 Region I Chairperson.

Region 1, also affectionately known as Region FIRST or the Fiyah Region, has a long history of excellence and innovation. Region I was the FIRST to host a National Conference, Alumni Conference, and Regional Leadership Conference. Region I is origin of NSBE magazine and the initiators of NSBE.net, which has now evolved into NSBE.org. We were the FIRST region to identify academic excellence as priority and so appointed the FIRST Regional Academic Excellence Chairperson and began the National Academic Excellence Committee. It was Region I that hosted the FIRST Regional Leadership Transition Meeting, and the FIRST region to add the NSBE mission statement into their bylaws.  We were even the FIRST region to have a collegiate lifetime member, a Rhodes Scholar, and an international chapter. These FIRST’s have influenced the Society as a whole and helped shape our focus as well as set a high bar of progress and excellence. Region 1 is known for this passion and incredible determination.
Aligned with the theme “Ignite, Imagine, Innovate”, this year we are pursuing the re-envisioning and re-establishment of tradition as well as a renewed commitment to creativity and leadership. The regional directives are focused on membership engagement, data transparency, strengthening connections, and long term leadership. Each of these is aligned to various goals to uplift the membership, support the mission of the Society, and make measurable progress towards our vision of parity in the engineering community.
The Region 1 Executive Board is dedicated to the servant leadership model and pledges to be an ever present resource to every Region I member, domestic and abroad. We also charge you to hold us accountable as we work to serve you. By supporting each other, we have more than enough to meet and surpass our goals. Again, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve the membership through the position of Regional Chairperson and continue to support the mission and vision of the National Society of Black Engineers.
With Fiyah,
Alaisha Alexander

2017 -2018 Region I Chairperson