Welcome to the 2017 Fall Regional Conference!


Fall Regional Conference

November 16th-19th, 2017

The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel, Parsippany, NJ


Fall Regional Conference (FRC) provides a forum for discussion and information exchange between collegiate, pre-college, professionals, and corporate representatives at the regional level. Within this weekend, Region 1 encourages academic excellence and professional development through technical and cultural workshops and competitions. Region 1 also hosts a two day Career and Graduate School Fair to provide academic and professional learning and advancement opportunities to our membership. With all the opportunities to network, learn, and share, the experience of this conference is truly a testament to the chant of Region 1, "One Fiyah, Mo' Fiyah".

Hotel Reservation Guidelines: 

Chapters may book up to no more than nine (9) rooms via the NSBE FRC reservation link ( https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/NSBE).
If your chapter needs more than nine (9) rooms, contact Shena Marshall, R1 Assistant Treasurer (r1asstreasurer@nsbe.org).
  • Shena will assist each chapter with reserving these rooms.
  • Reservations for more than nine (9) rooms will vary by a case by case basis.
  • If you are a PCI advisor, please CC Johneilia Bariffe (r1pcicpc@nsbe.org).
Deadline to reserve rooms: Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
  • Any reservation requests after this date, please email Shena Marshall, R1 Assistant Treasurer (r1asstreasurer@nsbe.org).
  • Any reservation requests after this date are not guaranteed.
Deadline for Chapters to submit Rooming List to Hotel: October 30th, 2017
  • You must have one unique name attached to each room when submitting.
    • E.g. 5 rooms would need at least 5 unique names on the rooming list
  • After submitting the Rooming List to the Hotel, chapters will be responsible for the cost of the room after this date.
If you wish to cancel any amount of rooms, contact Shena Marshall, R1 Assistant Treasurer (r1asstreasurer@nsbe.org). The Sheraton Parsippany Hotel staff cannot approve cancellations.
If you cannot reserve a room and wish to be placed on the waitlist, contact Shena Marshall, R1 Assistant Treasurer (r1asstreasurer@nsbe.org) with the name of the chapter, point of  contact for the chapter, and the amount of rooms desired.
Violation of this policy will result in chapters being financially responsible for the rooms they have reserved.

Cancellation Policy

If you still have balance by November 16th, 2017, you are expected to pay that balance in full prior to or at in-person registration or you will not be able to attend FRC.