VEX Robotics (6-12th)

If your students are interested in Mechanical or Computer Engineering. This competition will be perfect to enhance those skills. This competition will be done in groups of 3 and a max of 20 teams. Teams will coordinate the construction and programming and learn about teamwork and management. Their robots will then navigate through a maze which will be given out at FRC. Prizes will be given out to winning teams.

K’nex Bridges (5-12th)

Bridges will have to be built that span 30in across. Each kinetic piece used to build the bridge has a dollar value added to it. This competition builds upon skills learned in Business, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and management. Students are to submit design drawings and build upon that. If more pieces are needed the dollar value goes which teaches them real world applications. Once bridges are built, a weight is added and tested to see if bridges are structurally sound. Prizes will be given out to the winning teams.

TMAL Exhibition (6-12th)

The TMAL competition is held between teams of four NSBE Jr. members and one alternate. Each team is composed of high school and middle school students. Participants are provided access to an online mathematics resource to support their year long learning. This tool enables students to earn points during the program year, as they engage in various activities. This will prep them for the PSAT, ACT, and PAT's which are mandatory for college entry. Prizes will be given out to the winning teams.

Regional Competition (All)

The final competition will be a team competition where NSBE Jr.s will be tasked with planning a mock up for next year’s FRC. A budget and location will be given to them and they will be able to plan their PCI workshops. This will give them insight on what it is like to plan for conferences using teamwork. NSBE Jr. students do this competition on their own time and plan to present their FRC plans on Saturday.


Draper Competition

As part of the Draper Technical Challenge Competition, contestants will answer one of the challenge questions in the form of a short technical paper which will be submitted to Draper via its website ( The review committee will evaluate all submissions received by the deadline and identify the finalists prior to the conference. Finalists (must be NSBE members) will present their solutions at the conference in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. A winner will be chosen following the presentations and scholarships awarded.

Elevator Pitch (9th- 12th; Collegiate; Professionals)

The competition focuses on the business idea without the details of implementation. The Elevator pitch should convey your vision of the potential of your idea. It should answer the basic questions: What’s the problem? How does your idea solve the problem? What’s needed to make your idea become reality?

Individuals have the opportunity to meet and network with other NSBE entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and business experts who will serve as judges for the competition.

Academic Technical Bowl

The objective of the Academic Technical Bowl is to encourage and showcase Academic Excellence and understanding of the fundamental principles of engineering covered in the usual senior engineering standardized tests, for example the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam, or Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) Exam. The FE and FS exams are sometimes erroneously referred to as the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and the Surveyor-in-Training (SIT) exams.

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Technical Research Exhibition

The Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) is a competition designed to showcase the NSBE members' skills in technical writing, theoretical research, and oral presentation, and it incorporates two tracks: Preliminary and Showcase. TRE, which is held during each Fall Regional Conference (FRC) and National Convention, is judged by technical professionals.

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