Hyatt-Regency.jpgTraveling to FRC


Location: Hyatt Regency Rochester
                125 E Main St,
                Rochester NY 14604


Directions to Hyatt Regency Rochester


  • Overnight Guest

           Parking for overnight guests is available at a discounted rate of $4.00 per night, per car with in and out                    privileges.
  • Non-Overnight Guests
           Parking rates for all customers entering and exiting this garage are as follows:
           0- 2 hours (120 minutes) is $1.00.
           $1.00 an hour thereafter up to a max of $6.75 per day, per ticket pulled Monday thru Friday. The same                    rates apply for the weekend except the daily max is $4.00 per ticket pulled.
  • Plane/Train Shuttles:
           Upon arrival, please call (585) 546-1234 , and a shuttle will bring you to the hotel. Please note
           that the shuttle only runs from 6AM to 11PM.


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