2019-2020 International Committee Chair

Lynnd Nkodia

Values of NSBE International
  1. An international collegiate association with strong pre-collegiate, alumni and graduate school affiliations
  2. A partner organization that promotes student participation in existing national engineering professional organizations
  3. A conduit for international students to access scholarships and internships abroad
  4. A bridge to large populations of African diaspora professionals living and working abroad
  5. A source of statistical information about academic and professional standing of the African disaspora in engineering, science and technology in a global context
  6. A platform for International Students to network and creates an atmosphere for students to leverage leadership skills
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Lynnd Nkodia
2019-20 International Committee Chair

What NSBE offers Archives:

For more information, please contact the Region 1 International Chairperson Lynnd Nkodia at r1international@nsbe.org.

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