Region I International Committee Chair Updates

NSBE International Education Week

November 17th - 21st

During the week, the International Committee will be hosting activities to increase global engagement, and awareness of global issues, to prepare members to be the global innovators of tomorrow. #Going Global

Friday, November 21st: Pathways to Professionalism for International Students workshop at Region I FRC to help international students who would like to work in the United States.
Saturday, November 22nd: International Engagement workshop at Region I FRC geared towards domestic students who would like International Experience through Study Abroad course and work programs.
Saturday, November 22nd: INTERNATIONAL EXPO at R1 FRC
Region I boasts a culturally diverse membership! International or local, this is your chance showcase your cultural heritage with the region! Represent an International country or a Regional International Chapter. Simply email your Regional International Committee Chair at with details of which country/countries or international chapter(s) your chapter want to represent!
Cultural items to display can include but is not limited to:
  • Posters containing information about the country/chapter
  • Wear traditional clothing!
  • Traditional snacks
  • Games, books, magazines, newspapers
  • Money (This needs to be packaged or in a case of some kind)
  • Music (with a device to play it)
  • Flag

More Information on Int'l Week coming soon. With any questions on the information above, kindly contact:

Aniekan Inoyo
Region I Executive Board 2014-2015
International Committee Chair
"To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."
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