2017-2018 Membership Chair

Romario Cupidore


2016-2017 Membership Awards

Collegiate Awards
  Chapter of the Month Member of the Month
Summer Rutgers University Maureen Anyanwu, Cooper Union
September Columbia University Tope Akinade, Columbia University
October New Jersey Institute of Technology Haleem Alakiu, Syracuse University


NSBE Jr. Awards

  Chapter of the Month Member of the Month
September Jeremiah E. Burke Kyril Simmons, Jersey City
October Brooklyn Tech Nabib Ahmed, Brooklyn Tech

NSBE Jr. Competitions

Try-Math-A-Lon Lower Division
1st Place - Syracuse Team #1 (Syra-Cubed)
2nd Place - Boston Latin
3rd Place - Bridgeport ACCESS
Try-Math-A-Lon ​Upper​ Division
1st Place - Brooklyn Technical HS
2nd Place - Syracuse Team #1 (Cuse '05)
3rd Place - Burlington City
​1st Place - NSBE MathMatics, Syracuse
2nd Place - MathElites, Syracuse
Highest Individual Scorer - Jean Patrick ​Choyitungiye, Syracuse