PCI Chair Welcome


Greetings NSBE Jr. Members!
My name is Nana Younge and I proud to serve Region 1 as the 2015-2016 Pre College Initiative Chair. I am honored to have this position because it solely my life purpose to serve the youth of today. When I say the word serve, I mean it because I am here to make sure that your NSBE Jr. experience this year is worthwhile.
School is back in session so this means that a new journey a waits. As you begin this academic year I want you to keep in mind our PCI mission. I want you to keep in mind: academic skills, leadership skills and technical skills. Think about this in your classes, at your meetings, in your home, and community.  What are you doing already to enhance these skills?  Do you need resources and support that will help you enhance these skills? How are you enlightening the people around you about the importance of these skills? I challenge you to make goals in your chapters that align with these things, but most importantly I want you to create goals in your personal life that are built around this.
I believe that our commitment to this organization comes from our belief in our mission and that connects us with one another. Being a member of an organization like NSBE means that you are a leader. As leaders the ability to adapt to change is important so as change comes our way I encourage us to work together and adapt because it is necessary to our success! Welcome back and Lets have a great year!
Please keep a look out for updates in the NSBE Jr. eNewsletters.

Nana Younge
Region 1 Executive board
2015-2016 Pre College Initiative Chair