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I hope you all had a wonderful time at Region 1 FRC!
As we move into December our Regional Programming is NSBE Jr Month! ....YES, we've got more coming your way. The goal of NSBE Jr Month is to acknowledge NSBE Jr members and their role in the pipeline, while continuing to encourage and support them.
We encourage you all to stop by and visit your local NSBE Jr chapters, meet a new face and make a connection.
For PCI Chairs and members of the membership zone. Please share with your membership that December is in fact NSBE Jr Month and that we are encouraging all of our members to participate and get involved in some way, big or small.
Some activities planned across the region include:
  • Have a tutoring day, at a local NSBE Jr chapter to help with homework and prep for exams
    • Buffalo STEP & University at Buffalo
  • Take your NSBE Jr chapter out for a day
    • Columbia & CCNY and NSBE Jr chapters to SONY World Dec. 13th/ 14th
  • Invite Engineering/Science Professionals in to present career paths
    • RPI Dec. 4, 11th
  • Have an end of the year celebration, fun and games 
    • Syracuse City and SU (sponsorship of snacks tentative) Dec. 7th
    • Brooklyn Tech & NYU-Poly (TBD)
  • In the Dorchester, MA area the NSBE Jr Chapter, Jeremiah E. Burke does not have a collegiate affiliate, but will be meeting the following dates: December 7th, 21st. If you would like to visit the chapter please contact Jodie-Ann Duquesnay at
For all NSBE Jr. month events, please take pictures and send them to as your activities are concluded. It will be a great way to highlight NSBE Jr. month on our Regional page and shout-out your respective chapters/members involvement.
** If you would like to host an event or are looking to take part in one please contact the Regional PCI Chairperson at to get in communication with an advisor and/or provide you with dates of a confirmed event.
Thank you all again for your support :)

OCTOBER IS T.O.R.C.H. MONTH!  How can you and your chapter get more involved?

As you may or may not know, October is T.O.R.C.H. month! T.O.R.C.H. stands for Technical Out-Reach and Community Help.

View our T.O.R.C.H. Guide which gives a general idea of the things chapters can do for T.O.R.C.H. month. If your chapter is interested in or is already hosting a T.O.R.C.H. event for October, please E-Mail
General things chapters can do for T.O.R.C.H. are:
  • AWFE (A Walk for Education)
  • Volunteer at a T.O.R.C.H. Center to assist with STEM community training
  • Host an ISE (Informal Science and Engineering) Fair
  • Traditional Community Service (i.e. volunteer at a soup kitchen)
  • For more ideas click HERE

Celebrate Technical OutReach and Community Help by participating in or hosting A Walk for Education (AWFE). AWFE is the primary outreach and advertising mechanism of TORCH programs and is a one-time board effort to initiate a relationship with surrounding communities.

Sign your chapter up for AWFE on IMPak  TODAY!

September is Academic Excellence Month!
What does that mean you may ask? I'll tell you! It means that the programs zone will be assisting members with ways to succeed academically throughout September by hosting Academic activities within the geographical zones. The focus of these academic activities will be Skill Development and Mentorship, which are two components of the NSBE Retention Program. Each zone will have the opportunity to have a chapter host the activity, which will better educate the Region 1 membership as a whole on how to succeed academically.

**Times, dates & locations TBD.

Check out our Academic Improvement Blog!

Academic Excellence

The purpose of the NSBE Retention Program is to improve the four year and five year graduation rates of Blacks in the field of engineering. This initiative allows NSBE to counteract the most devastating statistics surrounding Blacks in higher education, more specifically in engineering: on average, nearly sixty percent of Black freshman in engineering do not successfully complete their freshman year.  Through mentorship, study halls and soft skills development, the NSBE Retention Program can help combat these statistics. Sign up your chapter today!

Special congratulations to The City College of New York for placing top 3 nationally at convention. They received a monetary award for their hard work with the Retention Program.