A Walk For Education (AWFE)

The goal of A Walk for Education (AWFE) is “to increase awareness of the opportunities available through education particularly in the STEM fields and to shatter myths about African-Americans in math, science, engineering and other technologies.” AWFE is a chapter-based program in which NSBE members go door to door in underserved Black communities and hand out information on college, scholarship information, SAT/ACT preparation tools, NSBE and share information on the benefits of majoring in STEM fields. AWFE is the primary outreach and advertising mechanism of TORCH.

AWFE is designed to impact both traditional students and non-traditional students and should be paired with other TORCH programs following. A second activity will reinforce the NSBE members’ dedication to the community, provide additional time for members to interact with members of the community, and thereby make the information that was passed out that much more meaningful. 

This single day outreach effort can increase attendance at other TORCH programs, is a simple way to introduce more members to your chapters’ TORCH program and an informal way to introduce the community to your membership and NSBE goals.

The official date for AWFE Fall 2014 is Oct 26th.

Hosting AWFE

To host AWFE your chapter should consult the AWFE Implementation guide for a detailed plan of how to plan AWFE. Proposals must be submitted to the Regional TORCH Chair by Nov 1st. After review the application process can continue.  Please email r1torch@nsbe.org for more information.