Leslie Ope
                  Current Position:
Danger Zone Coordinator

Current School/Home Chapter:
University of Delaware

Philadelphia, PA


Leslie Ope was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with minors in Organizational and Community Leadership and Arabic at the University of Delaware. Her passion for health, food, and nutrition has geared her towards my field of study, and one day she hopes to conduct research, involving the reconstruction and chemical makeup of various kinds of food and beverages, for the FDA or USDA. Her NSBE leadership began by holding various CEB positions such as Chapter Secretary, TORCH Chair and Parliamentarian.  In addition, her leadership skills expanded when she was elected captain of her university’s varsity Track and Field team twice. Her passion and goals are two core principles that drive her ambition to inspire herself as well as others. This year her main motto as the Danger Zone Coordinator is “Aspire to Inspire.” To inspire and to remind every member of the Danger Zone that they can and will achieve greatness.