Arianna Carr 
Current Position:
PCI Chair

Current School/Home Chapter:
Duke University

Houston, TX


Arianna Carr is a junior, at Duke University, majoring in Electrical/Computer Engineering. She is a proud citizen of Houston, TX. Arianna began her journey with NSBE as Membership Chair her Freshman year and then she became the Programs Chair her Sophomore year. After two years of exposure to the academic excellence, professional development, and community engagement that NSBE offered to Arianna, she decided to devote more time, effort, and passion to NSBE. As PCI Chair, Arianna is dedicated to creating PCI programming that is academically, professionally, and culturally engaging and beneficial. She hopes to accomplish this through effective communication and collaboration with NSBE Jr. members, NSBE Jr. advisors, and her Region II PCI chapter counterparts. Ultimately, she is looking forward to having a positive impact and a successful year.