Conference Q&A

Listed below is a list of common questions about confrence, attendence, registration, travel, etc. In the case you cannot find your answer please contact the appropriate person.

Q:How to change CEO's in NSBE Connect, Who to contact for registration issues, Who gets the Chapter Executive Officer Discount
A:Contact and for registration issues, Only the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Programs Chair get the CEO discount (everyone else is categorized as a collegiate member)

Q:Which session am I supposed to be attending? Why am I not getting the CEB discount? 
A: For CEB Discount- Make sure that your president enters you in as a chapter leader on NSBEConnect. This needs to be re-done each year before may 1st. Please contact if you have more questions.

Q: How can we get access to NSBE Jr Chapters in our area?
A:Region II PCI Chair is suppose to provide that information to them.

Q:How can the REB help with travel expenses? 
A:The REB generally provides chapter relief for some chapters. Work with your chapter advisors to see how to go about getting companies to sponsor your travel expenses. Smaller on-campus fundraisers are also a good idea.

Q:What are some chapter fundraising tips?
A:Most schools have an activities fair at the beginning of the year to expose students to the different organizations on campus. Try having a sign-up sheet and pictures/literature about our society.  I also suggest having one large social recruitment event in the beginning of the year to get people excited about the mission and explain to them the benefits of joining NSBE. 

Q:What is the best way to get in contact with local professionals?
A:The best way to get in contact with local professionals would be reaching out to your Zone Coordinator or Professionals Chair about getting in touch with a local Professionals Chapter.

Q:Why should we attend RLC? Would food be provided?
A:You will get great training for their position and learn their responsibilities for the year.
Lunch is provided on Saturday, there is a light breakfast provided Saturday, and all other meals are on your own.

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