Fall Regional Conference

November 4-6th, 2016 in Norfolk, VA

Greetings Region II Family!

I am Sarah Akintoye, a senior industrial engineering student minoring in computer science at the University of Pittsburgh and your current Fall Regional Conference (FRC) Chairperson. This year, the Region II Fall Regional Conference theme is “Engineering Your Foundation.” I am delighted that you are considering serving on this year’s FRC Planning Committee. As this year’s FRC Chair, I have made it my goal to change and motivate the lives of all Region II members. My vision is to produce an interactive conference that will maximize networking opportunities and stimulate the growth of all attendees. As a strong advocate for innovation and self-conceptualization I want to bring forth ideas that are both original and inspiring. I want this to be more than a conference; I want it to be an experience.

This conference’s success will not be judged by the number of attendees but by the amount of growth each and every attendee has experiences. Joining this planning committee is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your peers. In order to fulfill the visions of both the Regional Executive Board and I, your help will be needed. I am looking for individuals who are dedicated, transparent and most of all ready to serve alongside the Regional Board and I. If you are that person I encourage you to bring your imagination and be ready to produce an unforgettable FRC!

If you decide to move forward with joining the committee, please click on the link below and fill out the form by July 31, 2016. I look forward to serving with you!

FRC Committee Application Link



Sarah Akintoye

2016-2017 Region II Fall Regional Conference Chairperson

National Society of Black Engineers