Greetings from your End Zone



Hello all!  My name is London Lee and I am beyond grateful to be serving as your 2017-2018 End Zone Coordinator! I have so many visions and goals for this year; and hope you are as excited to help me reach my goals, as I am to help you reach yours. I am currently a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. I have previously served as Pitt’s 2015-2016 Freshman Representative, and 2016-2017 Membership Chair.  

My time in NSBE has prompted me to reflect on several issues facing black engineers, and I am certain that, as dedicated members of such a dynamic and impactful student-run organization, we can rectify these issues and make a tremendous impact on our communities. I’m ready to put in the work to make this an amazing year and I know you are too.

This year my focuses are transportation, togetherness, and transparency.  I’ve noticed that due to the geographically spread-out nature of our zone, attendance at End Zone summits tends to suffer. I plan to work actively with you all to increase attendance at summits and other conferences by reestablishing summit enthusiasm and taking a hands-on approach to incorporate your interests and desires into seminars. I also plan to encourage collaboration and togetherness amongst the chapters by promoting more collaborative approaches to solving problems, encouraging presidents of the zone to use one another as resources and increasing interactions between chapters and their regional counterparts.

I am thrilled to work alongside my team this year and strive toward fulfilling our NSBE mission. I plan to build not only professional, but personal relationships with you all, strengthening our family bond.


Stay Hype,

London Lee

Region II End Zone Coordinator