O Zone

Welcome Region II Family,  

The Region II executive board and I are excited and ready to help take us to the next level. My name is Darius Carter. I am a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Virginia and your 2016-2017 Ozone Coordinator. My goals within the membership zone this year are chapter expansion, chapter collaboration, and membership improvement.
One of my points of emphasis for the upcoming year is membership improvement. As members of NSBE, we should be informed. As Ozone Coordinator, my goal is to increase informational flow from the regional board to the chapter leaders and members. Being very timely and prompt with communication, I will make sure the regional members are comfortable contacting me about anything membership related. Another one of my goals would be chapter expansion. As a NSBE Jr. member, I was opened to the world of engineering, learned many professional skill, and made lifelong bonds. This passion I have for NSBE will motivate me to work to not only to activate new chapters, but to maintain the current active chapters. I know that collaboration among chapters is the answer to many of the membership issues seen around the region. As Ozone Coordinator, I will develop a platform to create dialogue between chapter.
Together, we will put the Ozone back on top as the best zone in the society. With all the potential and talent within in the state of Virginia, this is not only possible but achievable. With our mission and strategic plan “to increase the number” my goal is to increase the access of NSBE all over Virginia. This will be the best year yet for the Ozone, Region II, and the Society. #AlwaysReppinTheO
Darius Carter - Ozone Coordinator
Undergraduate Senior
Mechanical Engineering
University of Virginia