Hello NSBE Jr. Advisors,

My name is Kaitlin Perkins and I am blessed to serve as your 2016-2017 Region II Pre-College Initiative Chair. Im from a small town called Currituck, which is near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I graduated from Currituck County High School in 2014. Currently I am a junior majoring in Biological Engineering with a concentration in bioprocessing at North Carolina State University.


I volunteered and now work for Math Science Education Network, where I have assisted in engaging high school students in STEM-related activities such as building solar-powered robots. I have also volunteered much of my sophomore year of college with a non-profit organization known as Kids' Cafe, where I also lead STEM-activities for high school students. I ended my sophomore year as a counselor for a STEM camp known as SATELLITE, which is ran by The Caldwell Fellows at NC State University and targets high school sophomores from rural counties in North Carolina. There is no doubt that I am passionate about encouraging young, bright students to pursue engineering and STEM. I will apply my zealous personality and perseverance to this position as PCI Chair to ensure we have a successful year.


In order to graduate 10K black engineers by the year 2025, you must have STEM outreach for students as young as possible. I will strive for this goal as PCI Chair by being 'REAL', which stands for Reach, Empower, Act, Learn.


Reach: Reach out to advisors, PCI chairs, and other NSBE affiliates in order to make sure information is being communicated effectively from the National level to collegiate and NSBE Jr. chapters. It saddens me to hear students decide not to pursue engineering simply because they did not know what it is. Thus, I'll REACH out to as many people as I can and spread the word of African Americans obtaining engineering degrees.


Empower: Often times minority students, especially those within the African American community, do not pursue engineering because they are discouraged and told they do not have what it takes (intelligence, money, etc.). However, I believe that students can achieve anything they put their mind to once they are empowered to do so.


Act: In order to empower these students, we must act in one accord through effective programming and mentorship. At all NSBE conferences, it is my goal to ensure NSBE Jr students are learning something new and have the opportunity to talk to collegiate NSBE members (mentorship).


Learn: Lastly, we must learn from what has been done in the past as far as retention and efforts made to increase the pipeline of NSBE Jr. students matriculating into engineering. I will utilize this data gathered in order to improve upon programming and have a successful year for everyone.


Kaitlin Perkins

National Society of Black Engineers


Region II PCI Chair 2016-2017