PCI Objectives

Objective 1: Develop a bridge between collegiate and NSBE Jr Students

The Buddy System

  • Each NSBE Jr Chapter will be assigned a collegiate chapter counterpart – a “Buddy Pair”
  • Monthly communication will be maintained through between each “Buddy Pair”
  • Collaborative Events
  • Participation will play a role in the Which Zone Reigns Supreme Competition

Need to track your progress with the buddy system? Remember to fill out individual Submission forms

Objective 2: To increase the number of quality programs available for NSBE Jr members

The PCI Programs Bank

  • Initiative to aid chapters in efficient program planning
  • Initiative to help standardize programs available to PCI students

To submit programs to the bank, please follow the link and complete the Google Form


Objective 3: To increase knowledge of scholarships and educational opportunities available to NSBE Jr Members

The PCI Programs Bank

>To learn more about PCI programming, please visit the NSBE Jr webpage or contact the Region II Pre-College Initiative Chair, Katreena Thomas.